Exhibit: Soak up coastline '“ from inside gallery

The contrasting sights, sounds, landscape and moods of North Yorkshire's coastline are explored in two new exhibitions at the North York Moors National Park Authority's art gallery in Danby this montht.

Saturday, 16th April 2016, 3:00 pm
Paul Ingram - Whitby Abbey

The Coastline Journey which started yesterday and runs to May 3 in the Inspired by... Gallery at The Moors National Park Centre, will showcase the talents of artist Caroline Riley and photographer Paul Ingram.

At the same time a second exhibition, From Land To Sea, will bring to life the beauty of the coast through the paintings and 3D work of artist Bridget Wilkinson.

The stretch of coastline between Teesside and Whitby has been explored by Paul and Caroline to draw analogies with the ebbs and flows of life itself and the poignant role the coast plays during people’s lives.

Bridget Wilkinson - A Dip in the Ocean

Paul, who grew up in Whitby and Teesside, has spent the last decade walking the length of the coast to capture through the lens the huge variety of landscapes and the scenes he witnessed.

Alongside a series of atmospheric photographs, he has also compiled more than 20,000 individual still images to create a video that will enable visitors to soak up the atmosphere of the entire coastline while in the gallery.

As well as showcasing some surprising and hidden coastal spots in her paintings, Caroline, who works from her studio, The Tractor Shed, at Commondale on the North York Moors, has also used drawings and etchings to shine light on the beauty in the smaller details left by the sea.

Whitby artist Bridget Wilkinson is fascinated by the interaction between the land and sea, and she uses flowing patterns and colour to interpret the undulating hills and waves of the natural surroundings and the life that inhabits both environments.

Bridget Wilkinson - A Dip in the Ocean

The result is a collection of colourful, quirky and energetic paintings that bring the coast alive.

Visitors will be able to meet all three artists on Saturday April 16 between noon and 3pm.