Exhibit: New display to make a great impression

The Cottage Gate, Ellerby an oil painting by Rowland Henry Hill
The Cottage Gate, Ellerby an oil painting by Rowland Henry Hill

A new exhibition at Whitby’s Pannett Art Gallery mainly features the Yorkshire Impressionists of a century ago, the Staithes Group.

Rosamund Jordan of TB & R Jordan said: “This year, we are highlighting the work of two specific artists alongside a good coverage of the Staithes Group in general and a small selection of other Yorkshire artists.

A watercolour by Frank Henry Algernon Mason

A watercolour by Frank Henry Algernon Mason

“Over recent years we have seen a very poor range of works by Rowland Henry Hill (1873-1952) appear on the market, a situation which we fear is not helping the public perception of his work.

“Having recently bought back two particularly good examples and on realising that we are sitting on 20 of his pictures, we felt we needed to show them all to show the quality of the best of his work.

“We will have 20 of his original works for sale as part of 50 examples by the Staithes Group of artists.”

The Jordans also have an excellent selection of 30 original paintings by Robert Leslie Howey (1900-1981) which they felt fitted in well with their collection of Rowland Hill’s pictures, despite the fact that Howey isn’t classed as a Member of the Group.

“As a young man, Howey would often visit Runswick Bay with his father, John William, and would watch him paint alongside two important members, Rowland Hill and Mark Senior, and wash their paint brushes for them,” said Rosamund.

As always , their exhibition is being held alongside the Pannett’s own permanent collection of work by these artists.

“I always relish the opportunity to make an increasing number of people aware of just how good these artists were,” she said.

“Many of them trained in Paris and Antwerp at the height of the Impressionist movement. I have even discovered that one of them, Arthur Friedenson, exhibited at the Chicago and Carnegie Institutes in the States in 1920 with his painting being shown alongside works by Monet, Renoir, degas etc.”

The exhibition runs to June 18.