Exhibit: Local landscapes at Lythe Village Hall

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Hilary Thorpe, who is a local artist living in Whitby, is to hold her second solo show of paintings at the village hall in Lythe this weekend.

It is 18 months since she re-located to Whitby from the Isle of Wight where she is well known for her evocative acrylic paintings.

It’s great to know there are people all over the world in to sketching outdoors.

Hilary Thorpe

Her first solo show at Lythe was well received and she showcased work from a variety of locations.

Now she has got to know the area more she has been painting locally.

Hilary said: “I work on location and so have taken a while to find places to paint but have really enjoyed the challenge. I was pleasantly surprised to find chalk cliffs at Flamborough which is apparently the same chalk that forms the Needles on the Isle of Wight.”

Hilary has explored the coastline and inland between Flamborough head and Staithes and has started to build up a list of favourite spots. Hilary owns a campervan which she often uses to take out on location, recently visiting Staithes for a few days to paint, where she she also took part in the arts and heritage festival.

“People often say that my style has changed from year to year though I don’t see it.

“However my work does evolve and it is inevitable as the local landscape is so different to the Island.

“The way I paint to catch the essence of the view has to vary depending on the conditions.

“I am always bringing in new ideas for mark-making and I am using the new land and seascapes to challenge myself to a slightly fresher and lighter approach.”

Since moving here, Hilary has made contact with members of the local art scene.

“I have been getting to know some of the artists that exhibit locally, and I am drawn to the work of Rob Shaw, Peter Hicks, Mark Sofilas,” she said.
“I have always admired the work of the late artists Oskar Kokoschka, Joan Eardley and Andrew Wyeth.”

At first glance there is a gentle, almost naive approach to Hilary’s response to the countryside and coastline.

When asked about this, she said: “I don’t think there is.

“I am beginning to realise that there are some aspects of a more realistic painting style, that I leave out - this is not a conscious thing, it’s just I don’t ‘see’ it when I work.

“I do strive to just put down enough information to make it what it is and often that doesn’t need to be much - and this can be interpreted as naive.”

Hilary has been running workshops from her studio for locals, artists and anyone who would like to learn about different techniques.

“I am slowly getting to know the artistic community and finding people who are interested in my workshops, and already have some good friends.

“I recently joined the Whitby Arts Society and am getting bookings for demonstrations.

“I am always talking to people about my work and am finding I am getting to know people through my Facebook page and more recently, Twitter.

“I recently joined a group called the Urban Sketchers and it’s great to know there are people all over the world in to sketching outdoors.

“My ethos for teaching is to give people the tools to enable them to improve their work, and feel more confident about making their own decisions.

“When I see this happening it is very rewarding.

“I have had comments sent to me such as ‘I completed my first large, acrylic sea scape yesterday - you gave me the confidence to use my palette knives to great effect.’ or ‘Thoroughly enjoyed our day out the other week, and have to say that you have altered my way of looking at things.’

“My workshops in my studio are with small groups (up to 4) and I love the way we all bounce ideas around and learn from each other. I pick up ideas myself along the way.”

The show is on October 17th/18th from 10am - 5pm at Lythe Village Hall.

Hilary is a seasoned art tutor and will be running two free taster workshops each morning of the show.

For more information about workshops, Hilary runs can be found on her website www.hilarythorpe.co.uk or phone 01947 229059. See more about Hilary at www.facebook.com/HilaryThorpePaintings or tweet @ThorpeHilary