Exhibit: Life through a lens in historic Whitby

W Hamond jewellers and tea rooms
W Hamond jewellers and tea rooms

Whitby’s quaint, Victorian charm has provided the perfect setting for a new photography exhibition in a local tearoom.

The town soon became a favourite subject for Bob Peel, who is originally from St Helens, Merseyside; he moved to the north east to join his partner Rachel.

Whitby lighthouse, by Bob Peel

Whitby lighthouse, by Bob Peel

Following an accident at work, Bob decided to follow his passion for photography and enrolled with Cleveland College of Art and Design to study towards a degree in commercial photography.

Sharing Rachel’s love of Whitby it soon became a favourite subject for him with many visits throughout the year, including the twice yearly Whitby Goth Weekends.

Having recently discovered a love for night photography and the atmospheric images it produces, Whitby seemed a perfect place to start with its dark alleyways and streets lit by lamplight.

“In the modern world of digital photography, everything is instant,” he said.

“Due to the light levels and exposure times needed for night photography everything is slowed down, gives me time to appreciate my surroundings and almost takes me back to the principals of film photography which I have recently, through college, discovered a love for.”

The first few photographs had some very pleasing results encouraging Bob to pursue it further and for it to form the basis for his Final Minor Project in this last year of his degree.

One of the first images taken was of W Hamond and Bob donated a framed print to the shop.

They were so impressed that he was then asked if he could provide more to display in and around the popular Tea Rooms above the shop.

After Hours, a collection of 24 images from around Whitby, is currently on display within W Hamond on Church Street.

Bob hopes to add more over time as his project develops throughout the year and as he continues to seek out more unusual less photographed areas within the town.