Ex-Whitby MP and brother attacked at King’s funeral, 1914


Former MP for the Whitby division, Noel Buxton, and his brother Charles Roden Buxton were attacked by a young Turk n October 1914, as they were proceeding to attend the funeral of the King of Romania.

The assailant was Fashil Hamid who fired four shots which wounded Noel Buxton in the jaw, and his brother in the chest, in the attack in Bucharest.

The man was arrested after being knocked down by the chauffeur of the motor car, in which Messrs Buxton were riding.

The two brothers had previously visited the capital Sofia with the hope of inducing Bulgaria not to give way to a certain section of opinion there, but to throw in her lot with the Allies.

It appears that the would-be assassin went to Sofia while the two brothers were there and stayed in the same hotel, evidently, with the object of attacking them, but the precautionary measures of the police prevented this being carried out.

The assailant described himself as a member of the staff of the Constantinople newspaper Tasvir I Ejkair.

The outrage has caused much indignation.

It was believed to have been instigated by the Germans, who are doing their utmost in Turkey to stir up ill-feeling against Great Britain and her allies. The Buxtons are progressing as well as could be expected and it is believed their injuries are not serious.

Noel Buxton was returned as MP for the Whitby division in 1895, but at the General Election in 1906, was defeated by the Hon Gervase Beckett.

At the time, Noel Buxton was MP for North Norfolk and chairman of the Balkan Committee, and his sibling an ex-MP for mid-Devon.