Ex-hostage negotiator from Whitby set to launch new book

Whitby's David Beck, a retired Detective Chief Inspector, specialising in the field of hostage and crisis negotiation, is launching his new book at the Friendship Rowing Club in the town.

Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 4:36 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 4:40 pm
David Beck with his new book, Lip Service in Blue.

A graduate of the British and FBI Police Negotiator training courses, he was for many years the Cambridgeshire Constabulary’s Negotiator Coordinator and member of both the National Negotiator Group and National Counter Terrorism Advisory Group.

He was a lead Negotiator at the Afghan Airways hijack at Stansted Airport in 2000 - to date the last terrorist-related hostage taking incident on UK soil.

He was selected to help train the Greek Police negotiating team for the 2004 Athens Olympics, being seconded to the Games as a negotiations advisor. He became the UK’s first ever full-time police negotiator trainer between 2004 and his retirement in 2006, and has been past Director of initial Negotiator training courses for the North East, North West, South West NW and PSNI Regions of the UK.

He designed and developed the higher level Negotiator Coordinator training programme, now used as a template nationwide, and has also delivered training in the Czech Republic, Colombia, Sierra Leone, Mexico, Brunei and Cyprus.

Now living in Whitby, to mark his 30 years’ involvement in the discipline he has produced a book, Lip Service in Blue, where you will read about the history of police negotiating in the UK, together with a look at the Active Listening techniques and Influencing Principles employed by Negotiators, all packed with examples from his own real-life experiences of dealing with people in


You will learn how a car salesman lost over £1000 on a deal, or how a news reporter missed out on the potential scoop of his life, caused by both of them failing to listen properly.

You will even discover how to have a better chance to pass job selection interviews, but above all you will be entertained by the various verbal mishaps delivered by trainee negotiators over the years as they struggle to master the necessary skills they will need to use in life-threatening situations.

Every penny of profit from sales will go to support the charity Hostage UK.

The charity’s founder, Terry Waite CBE, himself a former high profile hostage, has written a foreword to the book.

The first edition of the book is strictly limited, and will be available to anybody wanting to buy one from David Beck on Saturday December 15 at the Friendship Rowing Club premises off Church Street, between 10.30am and noon.