Eskside Wharf in ‘danger’

The harbour near Parkol Marine''w124517b
The harbour near Parkol Marine''w124517b

AN URGENT decision was approved by the leader of Scarborough Borough Council on Tuesday after fears grew about the safety of Eskside Wharf.

Following the discovery that subsidence is taking place in the area around Parkol Marine Engineering, a budget of £98,000 was approved, which will allow the wharf to be monitored over the coming months.

Coun Mike Cockerill, chairman of Whitby Harbour Board said: “The preparation of the asset condition report, which was instigated by Whitby Habour Board, has confirmed that the natually occuring corrosion process has reduced the thickness of the steel piles. The monitoring will help in the ongoing work to clearly identify the extent of this natural process.”

Councillor Joe Plant said he supported the decision after discovering that Eskside Wharf, beside Church Street, was in a “dangerous” condition.

He added: “It’s a serious problem up there. We’ve got to deal with it as best as we can.”

If Eskside Wharf was to collapse, Coun Plant explained that not only would Parkol Marine be put at serious risk, but residential properties nearby could also find themselves on unsafe ground. “The wall appears, by calculation, to be on the limit of adequacy,” he said.

SBC own the affected land and so Coun Plant added that the council was required to act, adding: “We’re putting things in place to make sure we are monitoring it as work goes on.”