Warning after mud drama on beach

A WOMAN and her elderly mother struggled to get off the beach with an incoming tide after getting stuck in mud.

Joanne Bell (45) had brought her mum Christine Pickard to Whitby for the day on Saturday to celebrate her 69th birthday tomorrow and had enjoyed fish and chips at The Magpie Cafe and were taking a stroll to Sandsend when the drama unfolded.

They had walked along the promenade from Whitby and when they got to the Upgang Ravine they stepped onto the beach.

All of a sudden Mrs Pickard sunk into the sand up to her knee and when Mrs Bell went back to try and help her mum out she too got stuck.

Mrs Bell, from Halifax, told the Whitby Gazette: “At that point we were stuck in the sand and the tide was coming in.

“I managed to put myself on my stomach and roll out and then got my mum out.”

As she was on the phone to the coastguard warning them of the danger they spotted a family walking the same way who also got stuck but managed to free themselves.

The pair daren’t turn back and had to carry on to Sandsend on the beach and then walk along the road to Whitby with Mrs Bell’s little dog which was also covered in mud.

She added: “We saw there had been a landslide and kept away from the cliff because you could see it was unstable but you don’t know this mud that looks like sand is actually quite dangerous.

“We were wet and cold and both scared and will never walk on that beach again. It was a birthday treat gone wrong.”

A spokesperson for Humber Coastguard said they had referred the incident to Scarborough Borough Council (SBC).