Victorian sewers to receive 21st century robotic makeover

New Quay Road's sewers haven't been improved since the 19th Century
New Quay Road's sewers haven't been improved since the 19th Century

WHITBY’s aging sewer system is set to receive a £50,000 state-of-the-art upgrade over the next month.

Seven sewers in the New Quay Road area will be renovated to help them cope with amounts of waste flowing through the system.

Usually such work would have caused severe disruption but Yorkshire Water plan to utilise ‘no dig’ techniques that mean any cleaning, repair and relining work will be carried out without having to dig up large sections of the road or pavements.

Chris Bradshaw, sewer technician at Yorkshire Water, said: “More intense storms resulting from climate change, increased housing development and the paving over of green spaces are all increasing the amount of surface water entering the sewer network.

“This, combined with people disposing of inappropriate waste in the sewers, is contributing to an increased risk of sewers flooding homes and properties.”

The first stage of the work begins on 28 February and will involve using high pressure jetting equipment to clean the sewers before small robots equipped with CCTV equipment will inspect the pipes.

During the second phase, to be completed by 6 March, liners will be inserted into the sewers to form a new protective structural lining to the old pipe.

Matt Thompson, a spokesman for Yorkshire Water said: “The investment will benefit hundreds of customers across the region who might otherwise have been at potential risk from sewer flooding and serve to reduce the likelihood of sewer flooding in the region during storm conditions.”

The work will take place between 9am and 5pm and each of the alleyways will remain open to pedestrians throughout this period.

Customers with any questions about the scheme can telephone Yorkshire Water’s customer contact centre on 08451 242424.