Town Council asked to help save lighthouses

WHITBY Town Council is to write to the secretary of state asking for intervention into the future of the lighthouses.

Councillors are calling for a site meeting aswell to see what can be done to stop the lighthouses on both the east and west piers falling into further disrepair.

The issue had been made an agenda item at the last full meeting of Whitby Town Council at the request of Coun Ian Havelock.

He told the meeting: “They have now reached a situation where they are infact a danger to the public. Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) are reluctant if not incapable of doing anything about it.

“English Heritage are saying they will not call a meeting. What hope is there for any long term future for the light houses?”

Coun John McEachen understood that the secretary of state, for Culture, Media and Sport, was the only remit the town council could pursue.

He said: “These two lighthouses are iconic, they are the thing that is unique about Whitby. I suggest that we do write and we make it clear to the secretary of state that SBC is failing in its responsibilities.”

Coun Niall Carson said he thought the east pier formed part of the harbour and that Whitby Harbour Board should consider spending some of the £300,000 it has available on the lighthouses.

Coun Havelock added: “It is well worth writing to the secretary of state. It would be a good idea to request a meeting with SBC on site with some of us and other interested parties and English Heritage. I feel sure that in those circumstances they could be available for the meeting if we gave them a selection of dates.”

It was resolved at the meeting that clerk Pam Dobson would firstly write a letter to the secretary of state and secondly ask for a site meeting.