Stepping out to improve pathway

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A team of volunteers well and truly mucked in to make sure that a popular walking and cycling route is fit for users.

Earlier this month a team of five volunteers from Gateway Whitby spent an entire weekend shovelling several tons of cinders onto the Cinder Track at the stretch near the Mayfield Road bridge in Whitby.

It is a particularly bad spot for getting boggy in the wet winter months so this will make the surface for walkers and cyclists much better and easier to navigate.

The task was made a lot easier by the generosity of Jewson Tool Hire which loaned a digger and dumper over two days.

Andy Pearson, Manager of Jewson Tool Hire and Andy Leek drove the machines and, on Saturday, Andy Pearson cycled to Whitby to help shovel the cinders with the Gateway volunteers.

Tony Degazon of Gateway said: “We are very grateful to Jewson for the loan of the machines.

“It meant we could finish the job more quickly and with less effort so getting a much larger area covered.

“Local people and visitors will have a more pleasant walk now and it will be easier for cyclists.”

Gateway in Whitby was formed in March 2010 and promotes access to the countryside around Whitby by improving the local footpath network.

It works with Groundwork North Yorkshire and has also been involved with tree and bulb planting and sowing wildflower seeds, working with local schools and volunteers.

The next major project is creating a footpath through Larpool Woods on the east side of the River Esk to connect up with the Viaduct and the Cinder Track.