Sewer upgrade works

THE REGENERATION of Whitby’s Victorian sewer system is continuing with a £20,000 state-of-the-art project beginning this Monday (18 April).

The work will take place in the Beachside area of Whitby and will utilise the same state-of-the-art “no dig” technology used for the recent sewer upgrades on New Quay Road.

The 25 metre stretch of sewer runs under a footpath, but the technique allows the work to take place without digging up the path and disrupting user access in any way, whilst the work is taking place.

Dani Munton, of Yorkshire Water’s community engagement team, said: “This old section of sewer is being upgraded to better meet the growing demands that it is coming under and help to reduce the risk of any sewer flooding in the local area in the future.

“A lot of thought went into ensuring we have the ideal solution in place, which enables us to carry out the necessary improvements, whilst also allowing us to minimise disruption to local residents and visitors alike through our no-dig technology,”

The work, which is expected to last four days, will be done in two phases.

The first will involve using high pressure jetting equipment to clean the sewer before a robot, equipped with CCTV equipment, is placed inside the pipe to complete the survey and check for any faults or structural areas of weaknesses.

The second phase will see areas of weaknesses addressed, with contractors sealing any weakened or loose joints, before inserting a sock-like structural liner through a nearby manhole, to serve as an additional protective layer.

Over the next five years Yorkshire Water is investing £120million into the region to avoid potential risk from sewer flooding.