Scheme to improve water at Staithes

People living in Staithes are invited to find out how a Yorkshire partnership is progressing with plans to improve bathing water quality in their village.

Members of the Yorkshire Bathing Water Partnership will be on hand to answer people’s questions and gather information to help shape future plans.

The partnership is a five-year initiative which will deliver environmental improvements along 50 miles of coastline stretching from Withernsea to Staithes.

Its aim is to ensure that bathing waters can achieve the new “excellent” standard at Yorkshire’s eight resort beaches as part of the European Revised Bathing Water Directive, and “sufficient” at all others.

Mark Scott of the Environment Agency said: “We want to make people aware of the work that is going on to improve the bathing waters at Staithes and find out how new legislation will affect its future classification.

“This is also a great opportunity for people to come along and share their thoughts and observations.

“The more help we can get from the community to identify sources of pollution then the more effective we can be in stopping it.”

The partnership has been working hard to understand and address sources of pollution.

The Environment Agency has carried out extensive monitoring in the catchment and more work is being done to understand the significance of pollution originating from humans and animals.

Yorkshire Water secured additional funding to carry out sampling five days a week this year, which will add to the stock of data which helps the two organisations understand water quality issues.

The Environment Agency is also working on producing a detailed model of Staithes Harbour which will be completed in June 2012.

This will identify any link between the shape of the harbour and water quality.

Staithes met the required standards for bathing water quality this year but has consistently failed in achieving the higher standard.

The exhibition takes place at Staithes Memorial Hall on Wednesday, from 1-7pm.