Rare tree sparrows spotted

Tree Sparrows in Whitby.
Tree Sparrows in Whitby.

Local amateur photographer David Richardson, of Waterstead Lane, was surprised to find a group of tree sparrows in his back garden this month.

David, a keen bird enthusiast who organises his holidays around bird watching-related activities, was lucky enough to capture some images of the sparrows as they enjoyed his apples and birdfeeders.

The Eurasian Tree Sparrow is generally quite rare in the North of the country, which makes David’s discovery all the more exciting.

David said: “I think there’s been a good breeding season.

“I heard there are more of them between Stainsacre and Robin Hood’s Bay, but haven’t had a chance to check yet.”

He added: “The sparrows eat all the apples on my tree, but I always make sure to buy more to put out for them.”