Ranger urges picnickers to clean up

A WILDLIFE ranger is asking for greater respect from those who choose to enjoy picnics up on the moors.

Chris Hansell works with the Hawk and Owl Trust on Fylingdales Moor and said that while people should enjoy the great outdoors, they need to help preserve the landscape by taking their rubbish home with them.

He said: “As the days lengthen and the weather improves many of us turn our thoughts to walking in the countryside and enjoying nature as a new year bursts into life.

“While we enjoy the views let us not forget that it is our responsibility to ensure that what we enjoy is there for others and as such we should always take our wrappers and bottles home with us after we’ve enjoyed our picnic.

He said that while undertaking a routine walk recently he discovered a pile of rubbish that featured a tuna tin, pot noodle tub, bottles, wrappers and hand wipes.

He added: “These were left on the moor along with the carrier bag they were carried in, which was thoughtfully left so the mess could be cleared up.

“Why is it that people don’t have the energy to carry an empty energy drink bottle home after they’ve drunk it?

“Remember follow the Country Code when in the countryside. Take nothing, only pictures and leave nothing, only footprints.”