Rage over dog mess

A ROW over the amount of dog mess covering the streets of Whitby and district has sparked outrage from residents.

Members of the Whitby Gazette’s Facebook page and on Facebook’s Whitby For Sale Swap or Wanted site have all voiced their anger this week as they debate the issue online. Paula Myers was one who vented her frustration.

She said she has contacted Scarborough Borough Council and urged more people to complain adding maybe if more people ring them, they will “do something about it.”

She said: “Absolutely sick of people letting their dogs foul outside my door on the railway. People who don’t pick up aren’t responsible enough to own a dog.”

Julie Noble said she applauds owners who pick up but added: “I am sick of standing in it with the kids on the way to school, or stepping in it on the beach.

“Twice last year we were playing with the kids when people let their dog poo right next to them and walked away without picking up.

“I got them too, gave one lot bags, but they just tipped it out further up the beach.

“They said they were allowed to as there were no signs to say otherwise.

“At Robin Hood’s Bay, we get a lot more dog owners as we have no dog restrictions, and hence poo everywhere, and is it a coincidence we are struggling to meet cleanliness targets?

“I’ve asked my local councillor if we can have at least one side for dogs, one side for kids. It’s just not fair when lazy owners spoil it for everyone!”

However Sue Brookes posted, saying not all dog owners are irresponsible.

She said. “I had a dog until recently and always picked up after him although he mostly had to go down the cliffs until he became ill. I agree dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs are not responsible enough to own one. We have the same problem outside where I live. You can phone the council but they need photographic evidence and times etc. Not all dog owners are irresponsible though.”

Steve Pogson, Scarborough Borough Council Health and Community Safety Manager, said: “In the last three years in particular, this council has taken the firmest action possible and brought prosecutions against those responsible where we have been able to gather clear evidence that stands up to the rigours of a courtroom.

“Of the five prosecutions we’ve been able to take forward for dog fouling in the Whitby area, all of them have had financial penalties imposed by magistrates, which shows how seriously they also regard this type of anti-social behaviour.

“We have also issued three cautions during this period in respect of fouling and taken several further prosecutions relating to other dog control offences such as dog bans.

“In order to bring prosecutions, the Dog Warden Service often relies on the help of the public to feed through information about potential offenders and be our eyes and ears – we can’t be everywhere at once and a borough of this geographical size presents its own difficulties, but when we receive good intelligence we can target the resources we have available to us.

“We hope people continue to help us tackle this problem and in particular would call on the responsible dog owners of Whitby and our northern area – of which there are many – to be those extra eyes and ears on the streets and in our communities and report those people who do not clean up after their dogs to the Dog Warden Service so we can be in a position to gather the evidence that’s necessary to take strong action.”