Over £20m needed to protect coast

BACKING has been given for a project which will protect Whitby’s harbour and coastline for the next 100 years.

The Whitby Coastal Strategy 2 was approved by councillors on Tuesday and now the Whitby Harbour Board will be working with the Environment Agency to develop the scheme further.

Some of the works will be carried out over 20-year phases but in the short term it has been deemed that urgent work costing around £21 million is needed along Sandsend Road, Whitby harbour, Haggerlythe (near the East Pier) and Church Street.

Within the next five years £11.7 million will have to be spent at Sandsend Road to support the road. Funding is going to come from the Environment Agency to the tune of £7.4 million and £4.3 million from North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC).

Two phases of works will need to be carried out at Whitby Harbour with the refurbishment of the piers, putting rock armour around part of the East Pier extension and creating a flood gate at the battery Wall. It will cost £8.5 million with SBC putting in £3.7 million and the Environment Agency another £4.8 million.

Improvement works to the coastal slope at Haggerlythe will cost £1.2 million and £1 million worth of flood alleviation measures are needed for Church Street.

The Whitby Coastal Strategy 2 is an on-going document covering 5km of coastline between Sandsend and the Abbey Cliff.

While many of the problems that have led to erosion and instability have been addressed, the document examines areas of undefended cliffs and landslips and also where the defences are in poor condition.

The report says if there was no input then eventually all defences would fail putting at risk 776 properties, 53 listed buildings, 68 cultural heritage sites, 21 archeological sites, 17 Defence of Britain sites and two scheduled monuments.