On the hunt for killer shrimps

OFFICERS from the Environment Agency will be scouring Whitby waters on the hunt for a killer shrimp.

They are setting traps at lakes across the north, including Scaling Dam, to see if the creature has spread this far north after being spotted in Cambridge last year.

It is thought the shrimps are transported on angler’s nets or boats and fish stocking.

They kill native species, putting them at risk of extinction and even kill young fish, altering the ecology of the habitats it invades.

Paul Curry from the Environment Agency said: “These surveys form part of a national monitoring programme to assess the spread of the killer shrimp.

“Whilst we are optimistic the shrimp hasn’t come this far north, we have targeted the surveys at the waters we think most likely to contain them if they have.”

The killer shrimp has spread across most of Western Europe over the last 10 years an can vary in size from 3mm to 30mm long.