Oily youths refuse to recycle

A CLEAR generation gap has emerged between those who recycle used cooking oils, and those who don’t.

Despite a specialist recycling tank being located at Whitby HWRC on Chomley Way, 18 to 44 year-olds are still less likely to recycle their used cooking oil than the older generation, according to a recent YouGov poll.

Living Fuels spokesman Ian Collins said: “It’s shocking that after all the public information campaigns, householders’ favourite method of vegetable oil disposal is tipping it down the kitchen sink.

“You’d have thought the younger age groups would be keener recyclers because they’re more likely to have been formally educated as to why it’s the right thing to do environmentally.

“However, it’s the older generations who are twice as likely to make the trip to the tip with their waste oil.

“They’re the recycling stars because those tanks turn waste vegetable oil into electricity and heat.”

Used cooking oil can be turned into clean electricity, whereas pouring it down the sink can cause untold damage to both drains and watercourses.

To find the nearest civic amenity with which to recycle cooking oil visit www.livingfuels.co.uk.