Money approved for coastal strategy

A SECOND coastal strategy for Whitby costing over £300,000 has been given approval by the borough council.

The implementation of the Whitby Coastal Strategy 2 was discussed at a meeting of Scarborough Borough Council’s cabinet last Tuesday.

However, it was noted at that meeting that since original reports had been made public the funding amounts had been changed.

The Environment Agency has allocated £100,000 to SBC to carry out project appraisal reports on four priority coastal defence assets at Whitby Harbour.

It has reduced the offer of £245,000 for the Whitby Coastal Strategy 2, which examines coastal and flood defences along the 5km from Sandsend to Abbey Cliff, to £200,000 given the £100,000 already handed out.

When the Strategy has been completed another report will be presented to Cabinet outlining the proposed course of action.