Group wins silver for going green

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A GREEN group in Whitby has won an award after a year-long carbon cutting campaign.

Whitby4Sustainability, fronted by Whitby town councillor Wynne Jones, took the silver medal for its part in reducing the amount of energy and water wasted and the amount of rubbish going to landfill.

Members of the group which is made up of Karen Charman, Elizabeth Cheyne, Zelda Hart, Fiona Holden, Walter Jones, Wynne Jones, Nicola Jordan, Chris Wales, Geoffrey Wilson, Doreen Wort and Daphne Wright collected the award at a ceremony in York last Saturday.

The group were selected to take part in the Green Neighbourhood Challenge and were up against six other community groups with the brief of saving and generating electricity, cutting emissions and encouraging people to adopt a greener lifestyle.

One of the main challenges to each group was to cut carbon footprint by 11% and Whitby’s green gurus managed to beat that coming in at 12%. It has been awarded £300 to use on a future project in Whitby.

Mrs Jones said: “I was delighted and surprised to win the award representing Whitby and the borough.

“Everyone in the newly formed group is already busy in the town and has supported the initiative, in different ways.

“Although remote and rural, Whitby has shown it can play a very active role in linking up with other authorities and feed strongly into the inclusiveness in Scarborough Borough Council.

“We look forward to the team continuing its role and working with Scarborough Borough Council’s strategy development policy to address realistic approaches and the borough’s pro-active participation in climate change initiatives.”

The Whitby 4 Sustainability Group will be looking to hold a public open evening in Whitby in due course where the public can find out all about the types of actions they can undertake for a more sustainable and low carbon living.