Group at cutting edge of campaign

Dennis and Doreen wort who are part of a new environmental group''w111512a   Picture: Ceri Oakes
Dennis and Doreen wort who are part of a new environmental group''w111512a Picture: Ceri Oakes

A WHITBY group has been chosen to take part in a carbon-cutting campaign aimed at saving energy, cutting emissions and encouraging local people to foster a low-carbon lifestyle.

The group, Whitby4Sustainability, will compete with six other groups across North Yorkshire in the Green Neighbourhood Challenge to make lifestyle changes to create greener communities for themselves and future generations.

The winning team will receive £500 worth of goods for a local environmental project of their choice.

The campaign, which runs until January next year, challenges community groups to take part in a competition to achieve an 11% reduction in their carbon footprint by the end of 2011 while raising awareness of a low carbon lifestyle and earning the title of North Yorkshire’s Greenest Neighbourhood Team.

Supported by local councils across North Yorkshire, the project is funded by the Yorkshire and Humber Improvement and Efficiency Partnership managed by Yorkshire Energy Partnership and the Stockholm Environment Institute at York University.

Dr James Bridges, Scarborough Borough Council’s sustainability officer and a member of the steering board for the campaign project, said: “Scarborough Borough Council is keen to work with communities to promote and encourage low-carbon lifestyles.

“This campaign provides an excellent opportunity for Whitby4Sustainability to be involved in a project where the group members can work together, not only to reduce carbon emissions but also hopefully save themselves money in the process.”

Wynne Jones, co-ordinator for Whitby4Sustainability said: “The Whitby team is keen to raise awareness and represent our authority in this North Yorkshire project.

“Sustainability has to be the message for the use of our environment and also the organisation of our own community lifestyle. The team is enthusiastic but it is going to be a challenge that will demand initiative.”

The Green Neighbourhood Challenge will shortly have its own website where visitors can get an overview of each project, see photos and video footage, communicate directly with the groups and find out how to start a community group with access to resource packs for getting started.

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