Gazette in call for a cleaner town centre

editorial image

Calls have been made to clean Whitby streets of chip boxes, bags and litter strewn across pavements and public areas.

Bank Holiday weekends in particular have seen over-packed litter bins and debris strewn across streets.

Dog walker Peter Horbury had to tread carefully among the debris, pictured above, while out on morning walks with Golden Retriever, Aussie, and says the bins are too small for the amount of packaging.

Bins are so full that rubbish overflows and seagulls rip open the bags looking for food.

Colin Stonehouse, landlord at the Station, said one of the worse areas was around Langborne Road. He said: “It is one of the first areas that people see and the last when they go home. Now there is a war memorial – they are going to have to treat that area with a bit more respect.”

The Gazette will present a spotlight on the town’s litter problems next week. Send us your views.