Fly-tipping on the increase

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FLY-TIPPING appears to be on the increase in the Whitby area as more and more people discover local beauty spots fouled by piles of rubbish.

Last Tuesday (15 February) Lee Jackson was walking his dogs at Cowbar, between Staithes and Boulby, when he discovered a huge pile of rubbish.

Mr Jackson said: “I fail to understand how a minority of people think that they can dump rubbish in a remote area whilst the majority of people take their rubbish to the local refuse or recycle centre.

“Why do people think they can just dump their rubbish where they want?

“It all costs taxpayers’ money.

“The majority of people are prepared to take it to the tip, especially in a rural coastal area where people walk. “Why should it all be spoilt by the minority of people who can’t dispose of it properly?”

Last year Scarborough Borough Council responded to clear 6,310 separate incidents of fly-tipping, at a combined cost of £140,074.

Another incident was recorded at Spital Bridge and a Gazette source, who wished to remain unnamed, said: “There is a watercourse that runs down the side there so there’s water pollution.

“It’s getting to be more and more of a problem.

“The government seems to be increasing the landfill tax so you get people doing it illegally.

“Then the council has to pay to clean it up, which costs the taxpayer.”

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence and can incur unlimited fines, community service orders or custodial prison sentences.

Anyone who discovers an incident of illegal fly-tipping should call the Environment Agency immediately on 0800 807060.