‘Flash floods bring filth into my house’

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A WHITBY man has made a desperate cry for help after his house was repeatedly flooded by “sewage”.

Paul Batty, of Arundel Place, said that every time it rains a deluge of waste floods his house.

“It blows the lids off the grates and sewage floods the street,” he said.

“It’s disgusting and we shouldn’t have to live with sewage coming out of the ground.”

Mr Batty said flash floods bring filth into his house, causing a foul smell and attracting hundreds of flies.

He added: “We’ve put fly papers up in the house and they’re absolutely full of flies.

“You can smell it in my house and it took me a week to clean it up last time.

“Yorkshire Water want my water rates off me but they are not providing me with a service.

“Everything is ruined, they should be paying me, not me paying them.

“The Whitby Gazette always makes an impact so I’ve come to you for help.”

Peter Bettes, manager of Beevers in Stakesby Vale, said they have experienced similar issues of flooding.

He added: “We came in one morning and it had actually come up through both the ladies’ and gents’ toilets.

“It filled our kitchen and it even came out on to the ground floor.

“There’s been a problem for at least 10 years and we’ve been complaining all that time but nothing has been done.”

Mr Batty attributes the flooding to recent housing developments in the High Stakesby area and the fact that drainage systems have not been upgraded to cope with the extra amounts of waste now flowing from that area.

Yorkshire Water responded by saying that although this may be the cause, there is also the chance that it may be due to Bagdale Beck overflowing.

They are investigating the cause and spokesman Matt Thompson said: “We recognise that any incident of flooding is obviously awful for anybody to have to experience and we want to reassure the customers concerned that we are looking into this in order to ascertain the cause.”