Dumped in the beck and beyond

A SCAFFOLDING pole, a paddling pool and two shopping trolleys were among some of the stranger items of rubbish cleared out of Stakesby Beck.

The clean-up took place last Wednesday having been organised by local police community support officer Lynne Butler.

Despite 100 leaflets being distributed asking for volunteers only one resident from Stakesby Vale turned up to help.

Along with workers from Scarborough Borough Council , a tractor and trailer via Chris Roe from the parks department the team managed to fill the trailer in three hours.

They pulled out of the beck two shopping trollies, three car wheels, a car seat, numerous tyres, a paddling pool, computer monitor, barbecue, metal clothes post, scooter, clothing, shoes, bags of house hold waste, endless tin cans and bottles, half used tins of paint, mattress, half a metal bed frame and the scaffolding tower as well as dumped garden waste.

Insp Andy Colbourne from Whitby Police said the local environment officer had searched through the bin bags and found details of residents who are suspected to have dumped the rubbish.

Enquiries are going to be made to establish if any prosecutions can be pursued.