Deep hole in Whitby street


RESIDENTS were amazed to discover a deep void had appeared in Back St Hilda’s Terrace in Whitby on Wednesday.

The hole exposed an underground sewer and the collapse of the road raised fears about what may have happened if the road had collapsed while a vehicle or pedestrian was above it.

Yorkshire Water spokesperson Aimee Laycock said: “We apologise to any customers who are inconvenienced by the collapse of a small sewer on Back St Hilda’s Terrace.

“We are currently using CCTV cameras to identify exactly where the problem section of pipe is to enable us to begin repairs over the weekend.”

The road remained closed over the weekend while Yorkshire Water completed repair work.

Whitby’s sewer system dates from the Victorian era and there are fears that it may be struggling with the amount of wastage created by a growing population.

The sewer system around the New Quay Road area was recently upgraded at a cost of £50,000 after Yorkshire Water discovered blockages caused by fat incorrectly disposed down sinks by local residents.

Miss Laycock added: “We always urge people to think twice before they put the wrong things down their toilets and sinks because eventually it can end up blocking their pipes and potentially causing flooding to their property.”

Yorkshire Water are offering free fat cake making kits which allows fat to be recycled rather than disposed down the sink.

These can be ordered by visiting