Causing a stink over tip site

There are calls for a waste transfer site to be closed down with immediate effect after it missed a deadline to clean up its act.

Whitby Town Council is set to make the demand to the Environment Agency after the seeming lack of action at Wharton’s Skip Hire at Spital Bridge.

A notice had been served saying the site should have been cleaned up by 6 June.

At Tuesday night’s monthly meeting, Mayor of Whitby, Coun John Freeman said: “I personally think that our only option now is to write to the Environment Agency and all the bodies concerned insisting that the operation is closed down immediately and the waste cleared.”

Coun Phil Trumper said it had been an “idiotic” move to allow a tip so close to a river and residential properties and Coun Ian Havelock said the Environment Agency had neglected its duties after failing to show up at the meeting.

He said: “They have failed to take action and forgotten or decided they would not attend this meeting. Where we go from there I do not know.

“As we speak nothing has been done and I despair as to what the future holds when the Environment Agency take no notice of something so obvious.”

Coun Niall Carson suggested that the town council take over the site under the community asset transfer scheme.

Back in April the town council likened the area to the third world city of Mumbai after complaints from local residents over the height of the pile of waste and the possible pollution issues.

The Environment Agency was drafted in then and notices served. The site is leased to the Wharton’s by North Yorkshire County Council.