Cabinet to agree £20,000 Staithes sea wall report

w050726b pic DJ'Staithes Harbour
w050726b pic DJ'Staithes Harbour

A TOTAL of £20,000 is set to be spent on compiling a report into what works need to be done to the harbour wall at Staithes and how much it is going to cost.

Councillors on the cabinet at Scarborough Borough Council are set to agree at a meeting later today that the project appraisal report (PAR) can go-ahead.

It will see a consultant appointed to carry out an asset inspection and survey the parts of the sea defences which need improving.

The £20,000 is coming from the Environment Agency via a grant and councillors are also set to agree that once the survey has been done, SBC can go back to the Environment Agency and ask for further funding to carry out the works.

In the report being presented to councillors later today, it says: “The PAR seeks to better understand the issues, identify and shortlist options, describe the costs and benefits and select a preferred option.

“Once completed, this will allow the council to seek funding from the Environment Agency to undertake some capital maintenance improvement works on the harbour sea defence assets.”

Previously, a different report noted that there was a need to carry out series of improvements to the harbour wall which has five separate sections made from concrete, stone work and block work.

Another report was carried out which revealed there was voiding within the harbour seawall, displaced block work, missing mortar and vertical and diagonal cracking. The foundations of the defences were eroded exposing reinforcement mesh and if nothing was done to repair it, it would only last for another five years.

Around 87 nearby properties were said to be at risk should the sea defences fail and it was likely that properties would be lost over the coming years.

The report adds: “Additional consequences of seawall failure for this village would include the loss of the fishing industry, loss of tourism, loss of infrastructure and the loss of environment including historic and natural.”

The report will also clarify ownership issues although it is thought SBC is the owner of the seawall protecting the southern side of Staithes Beck and SBC has carried out routine maintenance of these assets since 1974.