Bridging the gateway between Whitby and Ruswarp on old line

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A team of volunteers spent the day spreading tons of cinders on the old railway line to improve footpath links for walkers between Whitby and Ruswarp.

On Monday March 30 there were 22 volunteers (14 of which were under the age of 16) that set to work.

They were joined by representatives from the Gateway branch in Whitby.

They worked on the Railway & Riverside Walk between Whitby and Ruswarp barrowing more than ten tons of cinders down the footpath to improve the surface.

They worked all morning from the Ruswarp end and another three hours in the afternoon from the Whitby Marina car park. The cinders were collected and delivered from the depot at Grosmont by Wilf Noble of Ruswarp.

This involved two journeys, one to Ruswarp and the second to Whitby and the company has generously agreed not to make a charge for this service.

Roger Swift, North Yorkshire Moors Railway Junior Volunteers Group Leader said: “North Yorkshire Moors Railway Junior Volunteers and I are very happy to be combining our efforts with our friends at Gateway.

“It’s great to have two local volunteer groups working together on a project which will benefit the local community”.

Tony Degazon of Gateway, Whitby said: “We really enjoyed working with the youngsters.

“They worked very hard and achieved in one day what would have taken Gateway many volunteer hours to achieve.

“We are also extremely grateful to Wilf Noble for their generosity in delivering two loads of cinders free of charge”.

Gateway in Whitby was formed in March 2010 and promotes access to the countryside around Whitby by improving the local footpath network.

It works with Groundwork North Yorkshire to improve the Cinder Track (the old Scarborough to Whitby railway line) for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Gateway has also been involved with tree and bulb planting and sowing wildflower seeds working with local schools and volunteers.

Work continues on the Monks’ Trod and the Railway & Riverside Walk.

The next major project is creating a footpath through Larpool Woods on the east side of the River Esk to connect up with the Viaduct and the Cinder Track.

For further information, contact Sandra Smith on 01947 820025, email