Beauty spot made an ‘eyesore’ by rail work

The Duck Bridge in Danby''w130807a
The Duck Bridge in Danby''w130807a

A DANBY woman has slammed work carried out on the Esk Valley railway which has left a historic beauty spot an “eyesore”.

Claire Woolf, who is the Gazette’s correspondent for Danby, said she was horrified to see that even now, eight months after work was completed, the area at Duck Bridge is still “a disgrace”.

The medieval bridge dates from the 14th century and has been known as Duck Bridge since stonemason George Duck restored it the 18th century.

Mrs Woolf said: “The contractors have ruined what used to be a beautiful part of our little village.

“Visitors like to have their pictures taken there but I wouldn’t have mine taken there now – it’s an absolute eyesore.

“The banks at the side of the bridge used to be a delight with primroses in spring but now there are weeds, bits of hardcore, wood and remains of plastic and metal fences.

“The grass area on Danby Lodge side of the bridge is also covered with potholes, deep ruts and large stones.

“I’m proud of the area I live in and am incensed to see what has happened there.”

A spokesman for Network Rail said: “Because the area is a national park it is against the rules to import topsoil.

“However, the embankments were returned to their original profile and seeded by the project.

““The extent of the road repairs and verge reinstatements were agreed with Whitby Highway Authority and all works were completed by mid-August.

“We were intending to install a 300mm-wide strip of aggregate at the road edges but were advised by the authority that would lead to more road damage and rutting as we will be guiding vehicles to drive the edge of the road and verge.

“I have seen photos from the time and the road and verges were in reasonable order.

“Of course since then we have had a very wet winter so their condition will have changed.”

Coun Herbert Tindall, who lives in Danby and represents the area on Scarborough Borough Council, said he will ensure that the necessary work is carried out.