Enough is enough! Help to halt Whitby's shocking dog mess problem

People are growing tired of the amount of dog mess being left around Whitby.
People are growing tired of the amount of dog mess being left around Whitby.

The borough council has upped the amount dog mess culprits can be fined with a fixed penalty notice to the maximum amount permitted, in a bid to halt the shocking increase around Whitby.

Irresponsible owners face a £100 spot fine for failing to clean-up after their pooches, but the council admits it needs your help to catch them.

Supporting the Whitby Gazette’s calls to halt the disgusting increase, a borough council spokesperson said: “With thousands of dogs residing within our area and many more visiting the borough during the holiday seasons, the task of fouling enforcement across the 317 square miles of the borough is a difficult one.

"It is therefore important that the public support the dog wardens in this task as much as possible, by providing any information that could assist in targeting problem areas. It is particularly useful to identify the timing of offences and specific locations.”

They added: “Dog fouling is considered a priority issue and therefore a zero-tolerance approach is adopted.

“Enforcement patrols operate throughout the borough, at varying times of the day, often covertly with patrolling officers on foot or on cycle, specifically targeting areas which are identified as a problem. A significant number of offenders have been dealt with in this way, although some have also been prosecuted as a result of direct evidence received from members of the public.”

The council also said that Whitby people are “quite right” to be complaining about the problem. Many residents have been calling for action, including Malcolm Jones, who is calling for tougher regulations to halt the “health hazard.”

He added: “It is not enough that responsible owners pick up what their dog has just deposited.

“Except for the most unfortunate among us who tread in what has not been picked up, the rest of us are treading in the smears left behind from what has been picked up and trampling it into shops, cafess and even doctors surgeries.”

To report dog mess culprits contact the council on 01723 232323.