Endeavour ‘off course’ with licence application - what are your views?

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It is hardly surprising that the arrival of the latest replica of the Endeavour in Whitby should be greeted with excitement.

All those who remember the pleasure of seeing the original replica (now sadly languishing in Darling Harbour, Sydney) in what felt like its rightful home, must have been eager to see its successor, and hoping that it would also become as much-loved and familiar.

So it was initially encouraging to see the comment made by its owner, Mr Andrew Fiddler, in the Whitby Gazette (June 8) that: “Rather than a museum, the Endeavour will be an exciting and entertaining learning attraction that captures the imaginations of children and adults alike.” (page 14)

However, I note that on page 64 of the same issue, there is an application to Scarborough Borough Council, by Mr Fiddler, in relation to the Licensing Act 2003, for a Premises Licence.

If granted, this licence would allow for: “The sale of alcohol, provision of late night refreshment, regulated entertainment - the playing of live and recorded music, the showing of film and the performance of dance between the hours of 10:00-00:00 Monday to Sunday.”

The terms of this licence application hardly seem to apply to the use of the Endeavour as a learning attraction, certainly insofar as children are concerned.

When I read Mr Fiddler’s comments, I envisaged school parties and families being given the opportunity to learn about the Endeavour’s pivotal role in discovering Australia, together with the way of life experienced by those who sailed in her. Instead, it would appear that this ship will be yet another attraction for hen and stag parties.

Dr Jan Narey