Electrical blast on Baxtergate

The scene of a gas explosion on Baxtergate''w131016a
The scene of a gas explosion on Baxtergate''w131016a
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A WOMAN escaped serious injury when a paving slab blew into the air as she did her shopping on Saturday afternoon.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing a ‘whooshing’ noise before the blast which happened on Baxtergate at around 1pm.

The shopper was showered in debris but wasn’t thought to be seriously hurt but was shaken up by the incident.

Around 76 properties on Baxtergate, Langborne Road, Station Square, Linskill Square and Wellington Road were left without power for five hours after the explosion which occurred underground and is being put down to an electrical fault with a cable.

Jill Wassall, manager of the Baxtergate branch of Bothams saw the drama unfold.

She said: “I was on my dinner upstairs and was watching out of the window when there was a whooshing but no bang. The paving slab seemed to rise out of the ground and all this black smoke came billowing up and the electric went off.

“There was a lady walking past at the time and was on the paving slab next to the one that blew. I think she was shaken up but it could have been worse if she had been stood on it. It was very surreal.”