Sit back and relax at Lythe School

William Donoghue, Jacob Crusher, Harry Chapman and Joe Davies
William Donoghue, Jacob Crusher, Harry Chapman and Joe Davies

PUPILS at Lythe School were given the opportunity to sit back and relax on Monday.

The school held a reflection day, designed to give the pupils some relief from the pressures of the curriculum and exams.

Philippa Corner, religious education co-ordinator at Lythe School said: “We decided to have a day of time out.

“There’s so much pressure on the kids that there’s just not enough time to stop and wonder.

“The idea was to be relaxing, to sit and have time out.

“It’s been fantastic so far.”

The school’s main hall was divided into four areas, the self-identity zone, the world zone, the God zone and the Sorry zone.

In each of these areas quiet contemplation took place, based around certain different topics.

These included deforestation, fair trade, and the children’s individual places in the community.

Rev Josephine Evetts-Secker of Lythe church helped out during the day and closed the event with a collective worship

She said: “I think it’s splendid, very thought-provoking.

“They’ve asked some wonderful questions like ‘what’s God’s real name?’

“We don’t tell them answers, they have to think about them themselves.

“You can tell about the ethics of the school when they talk, they know about not being unkind and not hurting people’s feelings.

“It just comes naturally to them and it’s very impressive.

“They listen to each other, when one person talks the others stop and listen.

“They’ve been incredibly well behaved, not because someone’s asked them to but because they’re learning.

“We were learning about deforestation and I said ‘what a silly thing for men to do’ and one nursery girl said ‘where will all the birds live?’ which I think is incredible.”

During the day, children also stepped outside into the sunshine for a picnic lunch and even made Easter gardens in the classroom.