School plants tree for peace

Pupils at Fylingdales Primary School plant the new Kaki tree
Pupils at Fylingdales Primary School plant the new Kaki tree

PUPILS at a local primary school have planted a tree that symbolises peace in their new garden.

The kaki tree will form the basis of the peace garden which Fylingdales Primary School is developing, and is the second kaki that the school have planted.

The first kaki, which was grown from the seed of a tree that survived the blast of the Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in 1945, was donated to the school in 2010 but died to due freezing winter temperatures.

The tree was donated by Jonathan Adamson, a friend of the school who is in touch with the Revive Time Kaki Tree Project, an organisation that attempts to promote peace worldwide using the kaki tree as an inspirational focus.

Although the first kaki tree did not make it through its maiden British winter, its memory and message survived through the children at the school.

When Mr Adamson offered to bring another tree to Fylingdales, headteacher Lisa Jones was delighted to accept the opportunity and use it as the basis for the development of a new peace garden.

Ms Jones said: “It is only two years since the first planting and many of the children remember the day and it’s message of peace very clearly.

“On Daffodil Day, the children gathered in their yellow outfits to plant the new kaki tree in their peace garden.

“They wrote messages of peace in the shape of green leaves and hung them on the fence around the young kaki tree in its new home.”