Reopening of labs was school highlight

Science experiments
Science experiments

CAEDMON School held their annual open evening recently as prospective pupils were invited to take a look around.

Parents were given the opportunity to see for themselves the activities that take place in school, with interactive events allowing future pupils to get involved.

Medieval re-enactors

Medieval re-enactors

Guided by pupils from years seven, eight and nine, parents and pupils spent the evening trying out a variety of learning activities, including clock-making, computer-aided design and a re-enactment of the death of Thomas Becket.

Visitors were encouraged to drop in at the Pizza Stop, where year nine pupils displayed their culinary skills.

Gill Maycroft, head of English, said: “Once word got around that there was food to try, this quickly became one of the busiest rooms of the evening.”

She added: “The pièce de resistance was without doubt the showcasing of the two new science labs, which were built following the fire last year. The visitors encountered a hair-raising experience caused by the Van De Graaf machine and were treated to a demonstration of the amazing static electric light sabre.”

Other displays included batteries powered by fruit and the use of air pressure to collapse tin cans.

A parent who attended the evening said: “The school and the building is fantastic, my child is really excited to be coming here.”

All the events were captured by the Caedmon Press Pack, who roamed the school collecting news and views of all those who attended the evening.