Grades changed after marking error

SEVENTEEN students from Whitby Community College have had their summer GCSE results changed after an exam board admitted they had marked them wrongly.

Forty five science coursework papers were sent off for a re-mark by WCC after it had been told by exam board OCR that college staff had marked half of them perfectly and the other half lousily.

This week the college learned that on all 45 papers the students’ marks would be re-adjusted and for 17 of them the difference in marks was enough to warrant a C grade instead of the D grade they had previously been awarded.

But headteacher, Keith Prytherch said it was too late for some pupils who would have chosen further science-based courses but had to pick something else because they didn’t think they had got good enough grades.

He said: “There will be some students who would have considered a science course and did not do it and chose something else.

“That has been the national problem and we were affected with English and Maths results and have students re-sitting when they shouldn’t which is despicable.”

The rogue science papers affected two groups of students at the college.

The more academically able students do triple science which consists of three individual subjects – biology, physics and chemistry – while others do core additional science where the three elements are combined.

Both groups were given the exact same piece of work for biology but they were marked by two different people at the exam board with one saying the college’s marking was spot on but the other saying it wasn’t. Mr Prytherch, who has never seen a marking error on this scale before, said: “I wrote to the exam board and they admitted it was their mistake.

“All 45 kids who had their marks put down had them re-adjusted.

“You can’t mark half of them perfectly and half of them terrible.

“I instantly thought that we would be on good grounds for complaint and that it would be upheld. I was expecting the decision that has been made.

“It is really good news for the kids. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place but we are grateful to the exam board for putting it right but it is nothing short of what the students deserve.”