Cockroaches visit Hawsker-cum-Stainsacre primary school

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HISSING cockroaches, a giant snail and a boa constrictor fascinated children at Hawsker-cum-Stainsacre primary school.

An inspection of the creatures was part of the youngsters’ study of the rainforest that they are making this school year.

The collection of unusual creatures that live in rainforests also included a tarantula, a giant millipede and a white tree frog.

Teacher Lucy Nockles said: “They were fascinated by the creatures. They could feel the giant snail’s sucker on their hands and they were allowed to stroke the cockroaches. “They were all brave enough to hold the snake and were surprised by the feel it which was not at all cold and slimy as they had expected.

“We invited the infants’ class in so all the school’s 38 children were able to see the creatures.

“The older children are studying every aspect of the rainforest including the climate and the tribes of people living there.

“They are also going to make Save the Rainforest designs on tee-shirts and will be concentrating as well on a Being Green theme.

“It will include recycling and they’ll visit the recycling centre in Whitby and do a litter pick on the railway.”

The collection of creatures came from Zoolab UK. As part of the being green project the children are also growing their own vegetables on the school allotment.