Cancer awareness survey

A group of Whitby sixth form students are set to help carry out a survey into people’s awareness of the treatments available to cancer sufferers.

The Whitby Community College students will be out and about in the town on Tuesday and Wednesday with the aim of gathering information to see how services can be improved to save more lives.

Cancer-survivor Ian Bryan is heading the survey and said: “There’s no formal information system within the NHS and this survey is for everybody’s good and for Whitby’s good so we would ask that people are patient with the questions if stopped and asked.”

Andrea Darrington, chair of the local cancer patient involvement group, stressed the importance of people being made more aware of any possible early signs of the disease, as this is the stage when it is most treatable and recovery rates are highest.

She said: “Cancer can affect most people at some point in their lives and it is of the utmost importance that information is readily accessible to help increase awareness.

“The survey which our students in Whitby are helping to carry out could have life-saving benefits to local people.

“I would ask that anyone in the Whitby area who is approached to be involved in this survey takes just a few minutes to answer the students’ questions.

“In the longer term, it could help save someone’s life, maybe even your own.”

The survey is one half of a project, with the other being a survey conducted among GP services in the area relating to how they view their responsibilities in referring patients.

Mr Bryan added: “People don’t appreciate that cancer is now largely a disease that you survive, as long as you get information early enough.”