Award-winning sausages on menu for district’s schools

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LOCAL schoolchildren are enjoying award-winning sausages when they have bangers and mash at dinnertime.

The sausages are supplied by Gilmoor Foods based in Ripley and its managing director, Brian Fawcett, said: “”They are made with a seventy per cent lean meat recipe using only pork forequarter produced by local farms.

“We are delighted with this award. The proof is in the eating and the quality of the ingredients is everything in sausage making.”

Only fresh meat and poultry is now used in making school meals and this has also involved looking at animal welfare.

Standards have been raised by only using pigs which have been reared outdoors and eggs from free range chickens. 

County Councillor John Watson, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Schools, said: “This is wonderful news. The county council is proud to be using an award-winning local business which supplies the highest quality food for our schoolchildren.”

In addition to the fresh meat and poultry used in school dinners, half of all the fruit and vegetables are also sourced from the north of England with plans to increase the percentage in coming years, most of the seasonal salad requirements are met by growers in the Humberside region and the majority of the cheese used is sourced from Lancashire made with local milk.