A* pupil’s joy turns sour

Devon Howard with his A level results''w113408c
Devon Howard with his A level results''w113408c

A WHITBY teenager who scored all A grades and an A* in his A-Level results still hasn’t been awarded a university place.

Rowing sensation Devon Howard (18) is now looking for work after being denied the opportunity to further his education.

After a successful night at the regatta’s rowing awards where he picked up several trophies with the Fisherlads crew he collected his A-Level results days later but the success turned sour.

Despite getting an A* in Economics, As in Politics, Law, English and General Studies, Devon was turned down by all four universities he applied to.

So in September instead of starting the degree in philosophy, politics and economics at either Oxford, York, Durham or Warwick the student at Prior Purseglove in Guisborough will be taking a gap year and looking for work.

He said: “I was quite happy with the results and opened them live on Sky which adds a bit of pressure but none of the universities would have me so I am having to have a gap year.

“They said the competition was that high and one of the universities told me there was only a 7% success rate.

“With the fees going up, everyone wanted to go this year.”

Rather than be too downhearted Devon says he hopes to apply again next year and will spend this year getting some work experience.

He eventually wants to go into politics and become a political advisor or even an MP.

He added: “I don’t feel as if I am missing out by not going this year.

“With a bit more experience I could improve my CV and be a better candidate.

“I am just hoping for some experience, an internship or relevant field work.”

Meanwhile, Whitby Community College enjoyed better results than the previous year.

Jason Vittis scored four A*s and even though the grade was only introduced last year, he will now go to the University College of London.

He said: “I am very happy obviously.

“I was hoping for four A* grades but never expected it.

“I am happy I chose to travel from Scarborough and attended Whitby Community College and have enjoyed all my lessons.”

Headteacher, Keith Prytherch said: “Success for the college is not only measured in those students who achieved A grades but also those students who achieve better grades than they were predicted.

“The vast majority of students have been delighted with their grades.

“The results top off a good year for the college after getting a glowing report from Ofsted in December.

He added: “I am extremely proud of the students, they have taken up the challenge and worked very hard across all subjects.

“This set of results prove if students are willing to put

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in the work required, success is just around the corner and the young people of Whitby are living in a world of opportunity.”

Further down the coast at Fyling Hall School, headteacher Ken James was delighted to report that 70 per cent of students taking exams got A* to C grades.

Star pupil was Dominik Sznajder with A*s at Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths.

He will go on to study Civil Engineering at Imperial College, London.