Eastside Community Centre launches new memory cafe

Eastside parent & toddler group run by Whitby & moors childrens centre.
Eastside parent & toddler group run by Whitby & moors childrens centre.

Coming soon to the Eastside Community Centre is a new event which they are keen to let everyone know about.

This will be a Memory Cafe, and the centre is keen to invite people to come and share their memories, have lunch and make new friends in the process.

Lisa O’Brien got in touch with the Whitby Gazette to remind all local people that you don’t have to live in one part of town to use its facilities.

“Its not just for the East Side of town,” she said.

“We have people coming from Hawsker, Staithes and Sleights.”

Lisa looks after the general day-to-day running of the centre, organising different groups and encouraging new events.

The memory cafe will run on Thursday and starts in February.

“We are going to Danby to see how they run theirs. It is targeted at the over 50s, carers and family members are also encouraged to come along,” she said.

“Drivers can collect and take people back home.

“We are always on the look out for volunteer drivers or helpers too.”

Liz Dawson is the Eastside’s Senior Regeneration Officer, concentrating on the assets management side of business and making sure the centre is sustainable.

“Cllr Joe Plant has put us forward for locality funding where they can receive up to £1,000 for amenities. Our centre generates enough income to cover costs, but not staffing so that’s why we need funding. The centre has done exceptionally well so far.”

The community centre has lots of events that happen on a weekly basis.

On Wednesday, they have a job club and have a member of staff who helps with CVs, job searches and contacting employers.

“A lot of jobs are on Facebook and we focus on searching for jobs that are not always advertised at the job centre.

“If people have learning difficulties or need support we go the extra mile, helping to organise interviews, transport and building confidence.”

“It’s the little things that help people fit in, especially if they’ve been out of work for years and lack confidence.

“We like to encourage personal development in a caring environment.

“It can be a long journey finding work and we want to help with that journey.”

The Eastside also runs a homework club, mums and toddlers groups, fitness activities, an IT cafe and is available for hire.

Contact Lisa on 820999.