Dramas and nature shows popular in the Whitby area

Programmes loved by Whitby residents included BBC1's Sherlock.
Programmes loved by Whitby residents included BBC1's Sherlock.

Whitby’s most valued television programmes have been revealed by TV Licensing.

The organisation, which this year marks the 70th year since the introduction of the first combined radio and TV Licence, has examined Twitter mentions of “worth the licence fee” over the past year to draw up a list of the most popular programmes across the country.

Programmes popular with Whitby’s viewers included Sherlock and Dr Foster.

Dramas and nature documentaries are the genres driving online engagement in Whitby, according to data gathered by TV Licensing, with thousands of appreciations for shows and programmes viewers deem “worth the licence fee”.

Viewers increasingly turn to social media sites such as Twitter to discuss their TV preferences, and in the past year more than 300 individual BBC programmes and services have been linked to the value of the Licence Fee.

Matthew Thompson, for TV Licensing, said: “The Licence Fee is used to fund the BBC’s programmes and services, and it’s interesting to note people still engage with these shows in real-time.

“Despite changes in new ways of watching, more than 95 per cent of all viewing is live.”