Down the Farm with Colin Williamson - June

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WE breathed a sigh of relief after getting the first cut of silage in, in good condition, even though we had to stop cutting a couple of days, while the weather turned inclement.

Well in layman’s terms – it absolutely legged it down.

We decided this year to cut the grass ourselves even though we only have a six-foot cutter and seemed to be booring away for hours to niggle the bit off.

After watching the contractor take 20 foot at a time last year and finish cutting in half a day, we seemed to take about a week on it.

Instead of being in around the 20th May we held back to let the grass bulk up a bit and also waited for the grass to head.

The boffins have always said or preached that the grass will put its seed head up on exactly the same date every year.

I won’t say they were wrong but our grass was only half way shot out on the 30th when we were finishing cutting.

If this dry weather keeps going feed is going to be very short again this year for the winter.

What with the weather delays and then the waiting for the grass to dry out, the contractor lads all landed down on the same day as the blonde bull was booked in to Ruswarp market.

The lads helping to put up the side sheets on the silage pit and tractors all over in lands Marra with his rejuvenated wagon looking as smart as ever.

What was going to be quite a difficult job if the bull turned his hog out went very smoothly, but there again with young “Prud” following him up there was only one way to go and that was into the wagon.

He did look quite smart down at Ruswarp, as we hadn’t pushed him with food at all as a fat bull doesn’t work as well, he found a new home up at Roxby. We wish him well.

Just got the sheep clipped this week, I wasn’t really looking forward to it but had to show willing. I sorted some geld ewes out for Ruswarp as ewe prices at the moment are quite high, so the rest of them I kept in too clip the fleeces off.

I looked over the gate a few times thinking why did I choose to have pedigree Suffolks?

They must be twice the size of other breeds.

Once I got into the swing of shearing them it wasn’t that bad.

The young ram I bought last backend kept evading being caught till the very last.

I was impressed and still am as to how well he has filled out and he looks as smart as any young ram I have bought before.

His offspring are also taking after him and at three months, are looking very promising.

The geese this year have laid a lot of eggs but after the first four nest to hatch off only came off with one or two from a dozen eggs, why I don’t know.

I then took the eggs away from the other nests and left them with only two or three to sit on.

The others I placed in two incubators. These should be hatching next week hopefully.

Had a bit of a scare at the weekend when one of the incubators had broken down.

The eggs weren’t quite cold so I only hope when I placed them in the other incubator, it saved them from dying inside the shell.

I’ll only find out next week if they don’t hatch.