Donation point for FoodBank set up in store

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A mum doing her supermarket shopping ended up doing a second lap of Sainsbury’s with her trolley to help struggling Whitby families.

Paula Anscombe spotted the special bin that has been set up in the store so that people can make donations to Whitby’s FoodBank and was one of the first to make a donation.

And those behind the foodbank - started in January - hope that others will follow suit and help keep the project going.

Mrs Anscombe, of St Peter’s Court, said: “We were going through the checkout and saw the trolley but were on our way somewhere. We realised we had more time and came back specifically.

“It was just a tenner’s worth but it is a couple of days worth of food. There is a need in Whitby and we wanted to help.”

The bin will be in store on a permanent basis and all food collected is going to the FoodBank which is operating out of Whitby’s Evangelical Church.

It is being run by volunteers and at the moment is helping around eight people or households each week.

Chris Taylor is the warehouse manager for the FoodBank. He said: “We rely heavily on donations as we have very little money.

“Having the bin here raises awareness, is easier for people to give and supplies us with a regular amount of food.”