Dominoes group must find a new spot after row

A DOMINOES group, which has raised thousands of pounds for local charities, has been kicked out of the pub where it has been meeting for the last 11 years in a row over buying drinks.

Landlord at The Stiddy in Lythe, Paul Helm, is alleged to have told the 30 strong group they are not welcome because a handful of the dominoes players don’t buy a drink.

The row started after the regular Monday night meeting a few weeks ago when organiser Alice Duell asked Mr Helm which charity they were raising funds for the following week and she claims he said ‘there won’t be one, you are not coming here anymore’.

Mrs Duell admits there are four or five that don’t buy a drink when they are there but she believes the situation could have been handled better and has vowed never to set foot inside the pub again, even though it is her local.

She said: “I don’t agree with it but there are four or five that don’t buy a drink. I have tried to tell them you wouldn’t do that in a café but they say they don’t want a drink and he is giving us supper for free.

“I said we are making all this money for charity but he said ‘I am not making anything and I want you out’.

“It is my local but I won’t set foot over his door step again.”

It was feared the spat would spell the end of the dominoes group because of a lack of other suitable places to meet.

The village hall costs £10 an hour to hire and the group meets for two hours taking too much out of their funds.

The Brown Cow pub at Hinderwell said they could meet there but Mrs Duell thinks members would struggle to get there because most of them are in their 70s, 80s and 90s.

But the village hall committee has agreed to waive the fee in a trial run as the dominoes group has raised money for it in the past along with other groups such as Whitby Seals and Mulgrave Cricket Club.

Mrs Duell added: “It is the talk of the village at the moment, they think it is diabolical, especially for the older people - it was their night out.”

Mr Helm was unavailable for comment.