Dominoes group driving back into the Stiddy

A DOMINOES group whose members are aged 70 plus have been allowed back into the pub they were barred from.

The group was kicked out of the Stiddy at Hinderwell at the end of May after meeting there for 11 years to raise funds for local charities.

It was because a few of the 30 strong group didn’t buy a drink at the weekly Monday meetings.

The group, run by Alice Duell, was left facing closure because of how much it would cost to hire a room elsewhere in the village and because the old folk would struggle to get to a venue further afield.

The Stiddy closed down shortly after the dominoes group was told they were no longer welcome.

But a week last Friday David Humphreys took over and re-opened the pub and said the group is more than welcome in his pub.

Mr Humphreys said: “I know of the problems because everybody has told us about it. The pub had lost business on the back of it.

“The support of the village has been very very good. To give somebody a lot of pleasure is no problem and they are raising money for charity so even better.

“It costs me nothing. I am open anyway, somebody not buying a drink when the majority are is not an issue.”

Mrs Duell added: “We went in for his opening night and he said we were welcome to come back any time.

“We had a lot of responses when we were thrown out, the number of people that stopped me in the street but a lot of people are really pleased that we have got back in.

“We did have two at the village hall but we had to put the tables up and down and get somebody in to do the drinks - this is just so much nicer.

“We usually close for the summer but we will have two or three just to get it off the ground and for people to know that we are having them again.”