Dogs attack pensioner and pet

Bob Marsden and his dog Sophie''w123614b
Bob Marsden and his dog Sophie''w123614b

A PENSIONER was badly bitten while trying to save his pet dog from being savagely attacked by two Staffies.

Bob Marsden (82) was left with several puncture wounds and covered in blood trying to free Sophie, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel from the jaws of the two Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Bob shouted to the owner who covered his face and ran off following the incident at the top of the Khyber Pass at around 9.15pm on Tuesday.

Three year-old Sophie is now recovering after emergency vet treatment from gashes to her stomach, swelling and bruising. Bob had to have hospital treatment, dressings on his wounds and a tetanus jab for his wounds.

He reported it to police but doesn’t think the owner is local as Bob walks his dog four times a day and hasn’t seen the man or the dogs before.

Bob said: “That man in my opinion is not fit to take a goldfish for a walk. He had no idea how to get his dogs off my dog.”

The fisherman of Haggersgate told the Gazette of the horrifying moment one of the dogs sank its teeth into him as well as Sophie.

He said: “I must have screamed when this dog sank its teeth into me. I got this one dog away from my dog, got hold of its ear and the biggest of the two bit by right hand. As I lifted my hand up the dog was still on my arm.

“A young lady from across the street shouted ‘that dog has broken your arm’ and that is when the guy ran.

“She said ‘leave your dog and get out of there’ but I had no intention of leaving my dog. My dog is half my life and I am there to protect her.”

Bob says he is just thankful it didn’t happen to a young neighbour who walks her dog in the same area.

He added: “I know a little girl that takes her dog out and if it had been her there is no doubt in my mind that little girl would not be alive this morning.”

North Yorkshire Police confirmed a dog attack had been reported and it was investigating.

Meanwhile, both Bob and Sophie are wary of going on their regular walk again.

He said: “She won’t go anywhere near the Khyber Pass and I have been in the forces and Germany but I will never forget that night.”