Do you know a Whitby hero?

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Yorkshire Day is just around the corner on August 1 and this year we want to hear from you about the people you think represent the true spirit of the county.

We are calling on readers to nominate their Yorkshire Day heroes - those who do the county proud.

We want to know about anyone who you think goes and above and beyond to help others and contribute to their community, and deserves recognition for what they have achieved.

We don’t want to focus on celebrities but ordinary everyday folk whose story you think should be told.

They can be involved in areas such as sport, education, voluntary work or charity to name just a few – anyone whose efforts you think should be highlighted and praised.

Maybe you know somebody who offers to collect shopping for their elderly neighbours, someone who gives their time to run a youth group, or a teenager who trains every day to compete at a high level in their chosen sport.

Perhaps you want to highlight someone who has spearheaded a campaign in your community or even a teacher who has gone the extra mile to help their pupils.

Our Yorkshire Day heroes will then be featured online or in the newspaper and celebrated on Yorkshire’s special day.

Our residents are known all over the world for their toughness, bravery and dogged determination as well as their honesty, compassion and straightforward approach - but also so much more.

If you think someone deserves to be a Yorkshire Day hero, email your nominations to by July 22.

Please include your contact telephone number and provide as much detail as you can about the person you are nominating, including their full name, age, where they live, their occupation or voluntary role, and why you are putting them forward.

The Whitby Gazette’s communities editor Hannah Thaxter said: “We should be proud of all the incredible things people do across Yorkshire.

“We want to celebrate them this Yorkshire Day and recognise the great contribution these unsung heroes make to the county.”